Jaanam din ki Shubhkamnaye: A Guide to Wishing Happy Birthday in Hindi Language

Wishing someone a happy birthday is a special occasion, and doing so in their native language can make it even more memorable. If you have a Hindi-speaking friend or family member whose birthday is coming up, you might be wondering how to wish them a happy birthday in Hindi.

Here are a few ways to wish someone a happy birthday in Hindi:

1. Janamdin ki bahut bahut badhai! – This translates to “many many congratulations on your birthday!” This is a common and simple way to wish someone a happy birthday in Hindi.

2. Janamdin mubarak ho! – This is another popular way to wish someone a happy birthday in Hindi. It means “happy birthday!”

3. Janamdin par tumhein kya uphar doon? Khushiyo ke is pal mein, yehi dua hai bhagwan se. – This translates to “what gift can I give you on your birthday? In this moment of happiness, this is my prayer to God.” This is a more heartfelt way to wish someone a happy birthday.

4. Aaj tumhari janamdin hai, isse pehle bhi tumne bahut saari khubiyan dikhayi hai, aage bhi dikhate raho. – This means “today is your birthday, and you have shown many qualities before this, keep showing them in the future too.” This is a more personal way to wish someone a happy birthday.

5. Janamdin ke is shubh avsar par, meri taraf se tumhein dher sari badhaiyan. – This means “on this auspicious occasion of your birthday, I send you many congratulations from my side.” This is another simple and common way to wish someone a happy birthday in Hindi.

In addition to these phrases, you can also add some more personal wishes or messages to make the birthday wish even more meaningful. Some examples of personal messages include:

– Tumhari zindagi me har din khushiya ho, aur har pal me tumhein pyaar mile.
– I hope this year brings you everything you have been wishing for and more.
– You deserve all the happiness in the world, and I hope your birthday is just the beginning of a wonderful year ahead.

Overall, wishing someone a happy birthday in Hindi is a great way to make them feel special and loved. Whether you choose a simple phrase or a more personal message, your loved one is sure to appreciate the effort you put into wishing them a happy birthday in their native language.

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