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Hindi Society in Singapore
The Hindi Society in Singapore is a non-profit body dedicated to the teaching of Hindi. It was started in January of 1990 with the purpose of running Hindi classes in Singapore, primarily for school-going children but also for adults at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

With 65 classes having more than 2500 students, the association is the biggest Hindi-language institution in Singapore and one of the largest institutions in the world dedicated to the teaching of the Hindi language.

The Hindi Society is run completely by volunteers; it is part of the self-help initiative that the Hindi-speaking community has embarked upon to enable students to study Hindi and to preserve their cultural traditions. Teachers are paid an honorarium for their services.

Alberta Hindi Parishad
Alberta Hindi Parishad was founded in 1905 with the main objective of providing regular classes to teach Hindi systematically. Alberta Hindi Parishad's aims are as follows:
To preserve and promote Hindi language
To initiate and engage in activities and programs meant to enhance and popularize the use of Hindi language
To provide forum for - Literary programs, Drama & stage events, Public speaking sessions in Hindi
To organize and run the Hindi language classes
To establish Library of Hindi books and Reading room facility
To provide Centre for the Alberta Hindi Parishad programs and activities
To join hands with other organizations engaged in similar activities of raising the status of Hindi Language as an important international language

Other Resources

Directory of Hindi teachers
List of Hindi teachers in many different countries, organized by teacher's names, cities, teaching method and more.

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